The market of media analysis is in a drastic change and is more than ever in great demand. This confirms us to provide individual media resonance and reputation analysis on a new foundation that sets new standards in terms of availability, effectiveness, flexibility and sustainability.

Our media analyses have wide range and great diversity

Our analyses are:
► Up-to-date (available parallel to the daily press review)
► Transparent (easily comprehensible for our customers)
► Custom-made (fitted to the specific needs and goals)
► Efficient (less charts, highly informative value)
► Flexible (content modifiable at any time)
► Continuously available (through direct connection with our media archive mediaRead)
► Based on strictly high quality standards and integrated directly into our mediaMonitor

Our analyses are created with the internally developed analysis system, the mediaAnalyser. With mediaAnalyser we have created the ultimate measuring instrument of media reputation and impact analyses. Analyses created with Excel spreadsheet are for us a thing of the past.

mediaAnalyser at a glance
► Parallel creation of various, continuous and / or event-based analyses
► Possibility to define individually for each analysis
► Parallel measurement of all analysis
► presentation of all analyses on the analysis module of the
► Flexible presentation of the results through freely definable time intervals
► Comparability of thematicallyrepetitiveanalyses
► Daily updated, available parallel to the press service
► Long-term availability (10 years under the Copyright Act)
► 365 days/24 hours a day accessible
► Fully transparent through direct view of the analyzed input