With mediaMonitor we present you a product line for the daily challenges in the press and public relations. Simply capture, evaluate, analyze, manage, publish, and archive your daily flood of informations, whether print, online, TV or radio. mediaMonitor offers for each activity the appropriate component. In developing the current version we have set ourselves the goal of creating a state-of-the-art-system in terms of flexibility, adaptability, diversity of use, ease of use, security, and especially of economy. We have achieved this goal.

Cloud Computing – the new era of information managements

The new mediaMonitor is no longer bound on the internal IT. Not only that you achieved full flexibility through the new host solution, but you also secure a future technology under excellent economic efficiency. You are free to choose whether the system being used is in your or our server.  Even if you already have an in-house archive or document management system, you can count on our transparency. You can download all collected contributions and easily transferred them to your system.

mediaMonitor is modularly built. Due to its modular structure, the use of media center is flexible and can be adapted at any times to your needs.

You can comfortably start with the two basic modules of mediaClip and mediaWrite for gathering of articles and manufacturing of the press review and continuously expand the system without fear of any further costs, support or additional server hardware. All the other modules such as the press review-dashboard, mediaReview, mediaArchive, mediaRead, mediaAnalysis or online news and social-media-module mediaWeb can be practically unlocked at any moment.

Your benefits at a glance:
► Modular design
► Worldwide system access
► Individually management of access right
► Updates and support included
► Integrated multiple backup system
► Up to 300 Mbps bandwidth
► Possibility of dedicated server