Breitenbach Media is an innovative full-service provider in the field of intelligent media analysis and media monitoring as well as a leading manufacturer of press and media analysis systems.

Our performance profile
► Daily media resonance and reputation analysis
► High quality media monitoring of national and international media

► Issues management
► Manufacture of  press clipping and press review
► Management summaries – available in foreign language as well
► Development of press clipping,  press review’s editorial and media analysis system

Whether you are interested in our services, our products, or for both solutions on the topics of media analysis and media monitoring of national and international media and / or require us to support your daily press work - you have come to the right place. With numerous selected national and international collaborations, we ensure round-the-clock, 365 days a year, a comprehensive and high quality range of services even beyond Germany's borders.

To meet the highest quality standards of PR Managers, we put emphases on individual customer care and supplier’s expertise whose flexibility, precision and speed in daily business are combined with technological competence.

The efficiency and sustainability of an overall concept for the media monitoring and media analysis should therefore be based entirely on the synergy of the properties mentioned.

For this reason, a broader view is advisable for communications leader who strive and expect future-oriented solutions in the interest of the company to support their corporate communications

Breitenbach Media guarantees maximum performance, competency, commitment and innovation in all areas.  From provision of our news management system mediaMonitor to a full-service around the clock, we can meet all the requirements of our customers. At the same time it is part of our philosophy to explore the best and most economical solution for each customer.


Why you should choose us
► Owner and international operating family company with distinctive customer orientationandinnovation strength.
► Coherent and high quality overall concept.
► Efficiency, flexibility, precision and promptness in daily business
► Highly professionaland technical competence
► Leading edge by expertise through the newest technologies
► Permanent availability, 365 Days a year, 24 hours a day
► Optimum efficiencywith outstandingquality